FORM Bloggers Series: Maeva Recchia

Maeva Recchia is the fourth FORM blogger spotlighted. She is a first year from Paris and runs the French Touch column every Saturday.

CS: How has growing up in Paris influenced your style and have you found it difficult to adapt from living
in the European Fashion capital to living on a southern campus?

Constantly immersed in a cosmopolitan city where fashion is at the front line of everything, it was indeed difficult to get accustomed to my new lifestyle. I had to remind myself a couple of times that I could not compare Main Street to Boulevard Saint-Germain (!). However, adopting an open-minded attitude and seeing the beauty of Durham enabled me to successfully make the transition. 

CS: How would you personally describe your style?

This is a tricky question. I guess my style usually changes depending on where I am. I tend to draw on the French vibe when I'm on campus and, vice versa, the American gangster-inspired look in the streets of Paris. 

CS: Shopping in North Carolina compared to Paris must be very different. How do you go about buying
new clothes?

Not a big fan of online shopping, I usually wait until I visit a city or go back to Paris. I really enjoy entering a boutique and exploring the whole collection. It expands my sense of style and gives value to the items I purchase. 

CS: What is your most favorite piece of clothing and why?

My Herm├Ęs foulard. Whether on my bag or around my neck, it's always with me. 
Posted on April 18, 2011 and filed under "Bloggers", "Duke", "NC", "girls".