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We're really excited you're thinking about joining the Campus Sartorialist team! Campus Sartorialist was started in 2010 at Duke University in North Carolina with the purpose of chronicling the evolution of campus style over time, as well as showcasing and rewarding those students who embrace and integrate style into their collegiate experience.  

Campus Sartorialist has since expanded to over 40 colleges and universities, both in the U.S. and abroad.  Achieving this project's full potential is not possible without featuring students from as many campuses as possible and this is where all of you come in! Even if you're really handy with your camera or you just like to casually take photos of your friends, contributing to Campus Sartorialist can be a great opportunity to expose other students to your work.

Photographing for Campus Sartorialist is a great opportunity for any student photographer that has an eye for style. If you would like to become a regular on here just e-mail us at and we can discuss your involvement further. The Campus Sartorialists page is seen by a lot of our readers, so your involvement can also serve as an online portfolio, and a link to other blogs and photography projects you might be part of.

Here are a few guidelines to submitting photos to Campus Sartorialist:

  • No deadlines or quotas. Similar college street style websites have strict deadlines for shoots and articles and we know it can be a turn-off if you're a busy college student. We think it's also a little like "faking" the actual style "feel" of a campus. We believe style should not be forced and rather photographed when it happens naturally. That's why, in order to insure authenticity, we ask all our contributors to shoot spontaneously and in an impromptu manner with no scheduled shoots of any sort.
  • The person photographed should be a student, undergraduate or graduate preferably, however any campus settings such as international schools or boarding schools work great.
  • We know each photographer has their own style of shooting and we love that but in order to offer a more seamless experience for our readers we prefer to feature multiple shots of the student you're photographing: one full body shot, one portrait close-up and if applicable, a third picture of an accesory such as a watch, jewelry or bag that captures the subject's personality better. 
  • Photographs should ideally be taken with a DSLR camera. Please contact us if you have any tech related questions or tips to improving your street-style photography.