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Brown University


I had the opportunity to visit Providence, RI whole Brown students were celebrating Brown University's 250th anniversary on the green.  Check out some of the students below:

Ovidia | Brown University Senior 

Isabel | Brown-RISD dual-degree junior, studying International and Comparative Politics and Illustration.  You can check out some of her work here.

Kayla is a first-year visiting from Harvard University

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Praveen | Harvard University


“I’m here to study philosophy and economics, but I think the way the education system works is flawed—it teaches people what to think, not how to think. It teaches them how to follow models. I also work in advertising. When hiring, employers are often interested in a candidate’s degrees and qualifications. But if I were recruiting someone, I would be more interested in how they think, not what they’ve studied. In my view, what you should learn at a university is critical, lateral thinking, then we’ll teach you what to do when you come to the job.

“That’s why studying philosophy is so important. It teaches you not what to think, but how to think. Unfortunately, society today doesn’t value philosophy and the humanities the way it did 100–200 years ago. The people who get paid the most are accountants, economists, and bankers, not artists, thinkers, and creators. I think the world is slowly changing, however, and we’re starting to recognize that creative people are also really important."

“So I’m more interested in a fresher way of thinking to break the models. The way I see it, a rule is not a rule if it can be broken. Even what I’m wearing today is an example of breaking the rules: nobody wears shorts this short anymore, even though originally shorts were meant to be short. If you look at everyone around, you’ll see that they’re actually wearing half-pants, not shorts. They’re doing it because everyone else is doing it, and they follow like sheep. It’s important to do something because you want to do it. I want to wear shorts—even when everyone else is wearing half pants. I think when you don’t follow everyone else’s rules, it gives much more essence to your life.”

Photo by Portraits of Boston

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Paul | Boston


Last weekend, #MacysCampusTour brought us to Boston,  where we met up with Paul, who helped us style a few campus-worthy looks using pieces from Macy's mStyleLab collections.

Florals (don't think ugly hawaiian shirts your compsci professor wears) have started inching their way into men's wardrobe since Spring 2013 (check out a few shirts recommended by GQ), and it seems like they are here to stay.

Whether you decide to wear it by itself, casually on your way to class, or under a blazer, for a night out, the floral print is versatile, and is a great way to invigorate your wardrobe and get you ready for spring.

Paul is wearing a speckled red blazer from Bar III for Macy's, a floral shirt by Ben Sherman and a pair of blue slim fit chinos from Levi's collection for Macy's.

Our advice: downplay the print with solid pieces, like a pair of chinos or a blazer

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