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We'd like to welcome "The Exeter Dress Code" from the Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, NH to the Campus Sartorialist team. Though we have focused mostly on college campus style in the past, we are very excited to get to showcase some of the great style we see on students from high school campuses.

The Dress Code is a student-run fashion blog dedicated to showcasing the diverse style of members of the Phillips Exeter Academy community as well as promote their unique self-expression. The blog was founded in the spring of 2012 by Megan Do, Stefan Kohli and Adela Locsin. Since then, the staff has extended, adding three more photographers to its ranks: Alix Hunter, Callan Malone, and Ida Piyale. We had been initially inspired by the idea of starting the a web-based documentation of student’s outfits from another boarding school, specifically, the Hotchkiss School’s "Hotchkiss Lookbook". As students, we noticed there was a lack in comprehensive, visual documentation of diverse student fashion and we sought to fill that gap. Beyond that initial goal however, we hoped to create a document that would help promote a greater sense of community by recognizing and celebrating our peers, displaying their diverse and rich cultures.

Posted on November 13, 2013 and filed under High School, NH, Phillips Exeter, Women, Men, Campus Sartorialists.