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Erin M. | Fordham University


James sent us a #MacysCampusTour post last week:

"What’s that saying... “in like a Lion, out like a lamb"; clearly New York City hasn't heard that one, because it's still April and it does not feel like winter has left, or that it has any plans on leaving at all. Nevertheless, us New Yorkers don’t have time to complain, so we just bundle up and head out.

This week’s college student is battling the weather with a sturdy tweed jacket and a warm knitted sweater. When traveling to and from class comfort and warmth are of great importance. There is no worse way to start your day off then shivering the entire walk to class, especially when it is April.

Tweed and knitted pieces go very well together and create an outfit that looks straight from the Emerald Isle (n.b. Ireland, not N.C.). Until the cold can be slain, there is no other option than to suck it up, bundle up and get moving."

Posted on April 28, 2014 and filed under Fordham University, NY, NYC, Women, Macy's Campus Tour.