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  Let’s talk bags - I’m sure you've seen many, if not all, of these bags on campus, and with good reason. They’re cute and stylish, yet can fit a surprising number of textbooks too. Today we’ll talk about what bag is best for your needs at school, and what you should be carrying on an at least semi-daily basis in order to succeed!

From the ever classic black Jansport to the studded MCM bags, backpacks are back. Your back is probably thanking you right now, because we’ve all suffered through carrying heavy textbooks in the dreaded messenger bags, right? When Two-strapping it, backpacks are, in fact, better for your back, especially if you favor an ergonomically designed one. Most will usually come with a built-in sleeve for your laptop, and roomy pockets negating the need to dig around for your car keys (or bus pass!)

All things considered, though, a tote bag might be better bang for your buck. A sleek leather bag will last you years, from the classroom to the board room. If you have the opportunity, invest in a mid-range purse now, but if you have the extra cash and don’t mind it getting beaten up, a high-end bag could be worth a shot too. If you’re working in an office, while taking a full or part time course load, a bag like this will allow you to bring in some homework that you’ll be spending your break time working on.

Now, what to carry (in addition to your text books, obviously): One or two pouches, for pens and pencils, and makeup for retouching, would not go amiss in your bag. Keeping them in a pouch will allow for easy access and will prevent the dreaded lost pen-cap stain on the bottom of your bag. If you’re forgetful, you should also be carrying a planner, no matter your course load or work schedule. The simple act of writing things down will help the memory process along. If your coursework allows for it, copies of your syllabi are a great idea too. 

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One of our favorite things about fall and winter is that we get to layer up, and, most importantly, bring out our sweaters. Since the days of old Ivy, sweaters have served as more than just an extra layer of warmth, showing everyone else what college and university your alma mater was, as well as any athletic affiliations (read about Ed Heald, Dartmouth '68, whose 1968 sweater graced the pages of Take Ivy twice, here)


Enter Hillflintstarted by several college friends from Dartmouth and Princeton who were tired of the typical, uninspiring apparel options often found in today's university stores. They got their start at Dartmouth College by designing and making luxury class numeral sweaters for our classmates and have since expanded to other New England colleges.

Since the launch, Hilflint has sought to perfect the collegiate sweater and they have recently started a Kickstarter campaign to help them bring the Mark One sweater idea to life.  The Mark One sweater is designed to be thicker, softer and better fitting than sweaters currently on the market. They just need our help to make it happen.