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Our Campus Sartorialist in the city, James Breen, visited Macy's and here's what he found:

Since this is my first post in the exciting #MacysCampusTour series, I thought it appropriate to shop as if I were shopping for the first piece in a completely new wardrobe. It must be ubiquitous, it must be versatile, and it must be snazzy (pronounced: Sch-nah-zee). The clear-cut winner in the must-have-item category was a great pair of jeans. Shopping for a pair of jeans may be daunting, and the options may seem endless, with so many cuts, colors and brands out there. When I am looking for a quality pair of jeans I look no further then the Levi’s jeans bar. It might not be called a “jeans bar” per se, but I think it should (and I should get royalties) because the options and selections are endless.

I went for the slim-cut 511 dark Levi’s. This pair of jeans works for any occasion: a dinner date (the jeans go great with a blazer), hanging around the house, or just going to class. The dark color can easily transition from day to night, and the slim cut is both flattering and appropriate for work events.

Now its your turn, start the spring right and get a great pair of jeans for every occasion! 


Check back in next week for more spring outfit ideas from our Campus Sartorialists! You can explore the new Macy's collections on your own by downloading the new Macy's App from the Google Play or IOS App store. From within the app you can play in Macy's "Spin & Win" competition for free, up five times a day for $10, $20, $100 and $500 Macy's gift cards. All participants automatically receive a 20% Macy's coupon!

Posted on March 14, 2014 and filed under NY, Macy's Campus Tour, Men.