Maddie | UGA


Our Campus Sartorialists at UGA, Dana and Maddie, went to Macy's this weekend, and armed with a $100 Macy's gift card put together a few spring inspired outfits.  Here we have Maddie wearing a pair of American Rag overalls and an elephant print bolero.

"When I was little my parents gave me free reign to dress myself, I instinctually gravitated to overalls. Unfortunately, I got older, and overalls were no longer considered a fashionable option (they were more of a diaper-y option). As soon as I saw these American Rag overalls at Macy's, it was love at first sight! I paired my overalls with a thrifted sweater, elephant vest, and my favorite pair of J.Crew boots."

For more looks from check out #MacysCampusTour and Campus Sartorialist, and download the new Macy's app for Android and iOS phones for a chance to win a Macy's gift card! 

Posted on March 11, 2014 and filed under UGA, Women, Macy's Campus Tour, GA.