Alessandra | Fordham University


Our NYC resident Campus Sartorialist, James Breen shares his ideas on putting together an outfit, as part of #MacysCampusTour: "The number one thing when putting an outfit together is to make sure its "You". Don’t wear clothes that you think you should; wear what you like, what flatters you, and what is fun."

This beautiful Sartorialist mixes textures and patterns perfectly. There are three big pillars of fashion, color, texture, and patterns. Mixing different combinations of these three can create some outstanding looks, like this one. She kept the color palette basic while she amped up the textures and patterns. The flowy VInce Camuto Perforated Faux Leather Panel top from Macy's adds texture through the alternating black and white pattern.

Texture is important and in this outfit its present everywhere, from the metals to the leather on the skirt and bag. Warmer skin tones, like Alessandra's, favor gold, and she chose to accessorize her outfit by wearing a large gold ring and and a Gold Tone engraved Heart Bracelet set by American Rag at Macy's

Have fun, mix textures and patterns and be sure to express yourself!

Posted on March 20, 2014 and filed under Macy's Campus Tour, NY, Women, Fordham University.