Campus Sartorialist Launch

With this first official post, I would like to introduce everyone to, a website which I hope will walk in the footsteps of its famous counterpart ( The Sartorialist ) and will be a medium of expression for Campus Fashion. Many of you have probably witnessed the invasion of, if not been guilty of wearing, Fleece/Sweatpants, Hoodies, Crocs and many other unspeakable accoutrements, however there is still hope amongst the college population and through Campus Sartorialist I hope to bring the best of college style to the surface.

In Perpetuum Effingo, CampusSartorialist's motto can be literally translated as "in perpetual formation/fashioning" and I chose it for its simple yet all-encompassing nature as well as its correlation to students perpetually evolving, adjusting and changing.

Many of you might ask why the need for another fashion website aimed at the college population, when CollegeFashionistaCollegeFashion and other blogs/websites are already popular and followed?! While I do give credit to these websites, I believe they focus too much on the sartorial aspects of campus fashion and thus miss the big picture. College campuses are ever-changing environments, where teenagers experiment and define their style as they transition from their teenage years into adulthood. It's not about what the trends in Milan are, which shade of lipstick goes best with what, but about self-expression and originality. Teruyoshi Hayashida created Take Ivy, one of the most appreciated and famous college look-books, in 1965 and while looking back at what students wore back then compared to now might seem familiar to you, these two periods of now and then are quite dissimilar. CampusSartorialist would like to become the repository of collegiate looks from around the world and specifically from within the U.S., where students living on a campus together creates a unique fashion bubble.

Taking upon this task is definitely not a one-man job and I would like to welcome any help I can get as far as photography and capturing what you think is unique amongst the college crowd. If fashion photography is your passion, I would definitely welcome any guest features as well as anyone who would like to become a long-term contributor. Your name, photos and a link to your resume/website would be added to a Contributors page, which will be made available from the main page.  

Please direct any questions, suggestions or submissions to and please spread the word, follow it on google or twitter(#CampusSartorial), like it on Facebook and comment on the posts!

To a great new beginning!

Posted on September 10, 2010 and filed under "launch".