FORM Bloggers Series: Lauren Budorick

The third FORM blogger spotlight is on Lauren Budorick, a sophomore Virginia Beach, VA who runs Lauren's Weekly Roundup every Sunday.

CS: How have you become interested in fashion and art and do you see yourself pursuing any of them in the future?
Lauren: I was always really into fashion magazines, and I love how much everything has evolved through the internet, with so many fashion and street style blogs and interactive media content. I guess I've always been a really visual person, because I've been in various art programs and classes since elementary school. I'm definitely considering pursing fashion journalism after I graduate. I'm doing a few fashion journalism internships this summer so we'll see how that goes!
CS: Your column is called "Lauren's Weekly Roundup" and it features news and interesting facts from the fashion world as well as other tidbits you find interesting. Where do you get your inspiration from and do you have an angle on presenting your finds?
Lauren: I read a lot of online fashion websites, so I collect various bits and pieces of news all week. I seriously have a giant bookmarks folder of sites I like to browse and scroll through all of them at random times. I try to write my column with kind of a funny, somewhat sarcastic tone to catch readers' interests.
CS: Where do you draw your personal inspiration from and what would you define your style to be most like? 
Lauren: I draw my inspiration from the whole world around me. My style depends on my mood and my surroundings. I find a lot of inspiration just browsing the internet, but I'm also inspired by anything around me: nature, art, architecture, music, you name it.
CS: Lastly, what is your favourite item of clothing and why?
Lauren: When my grandfather passed away a few years ago, my mom was cleaning out his closet and was about to get rid of his sweaters when I found them and told her I wanted to keep some of them. My favorite is a vintage cobalt blue Dior pullover. It's the perfect big slouchy sweater, and it's incredibly soft, so I love to wear it with shorts and sandals on spring days that are not too hot. Plus every time I wear it, it reminds me of him. He always had such classic style.

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