Middle Kingdom Style - Stylites - Beijing Universities

While in the US, universities and colleges are very campus-centric, most universities in the world are urban and sometimes spread from one side of a city to the other. This changes all the rules we're used to when it comes to campus culture, socializing and especially style! One must admit it's pretty hard to go to class in sweats and a hoodie when your class is two buses and a subway away. But we're definitely not ones to deplore that, and we're happy to introduce a new series of style in the urban campus environment of China's  capital, Beijing.

Campus Sartorialist is partnering up with Stylites, Beijing and China's most prominent street-style blog to bring you some of the collegiate style from Beijing. Stylites is run by Nels Frye, dubbed The Sartorialist of China, Editor-in-Chief at LifeStyle Magazine China.
"Stylites documents the blossoming of self-expression in contemporary China, providing a pictorial record of the most fascinating pedestrians in Beijing at the start of the 21st century, the moment when China had risen and its new greatness had become apparent to all."

Read more about Stylites on The Huffington Post and The Significant Other and stay tuned for some great collegiate style from Beijing!
Posted on July 20, 2012 and filed under "Beijing", "Nanjing", "Tianjin".