Floral Print Boots - Raika - Purdue University

Raika is a Purdue Student wears a gray cardigan over a blue shirt tucked into blue jean shorts and white belt over dark navy stockings. She accessorizes her look with a red orange and black native american print shoulder bag and a pair of floral print on black boots.
Our first post from Purdue features Raika who is majoring in Math Ed. She describes her style as free spirited and one of her favorite places to shop is at H&M (although she also loves to find accessories, like her floral print boots online).
aztec native american llama coyote wolf print bag orange black red shoulder

print floral black boots college school campus sartorialist

Photos by Jamie Yan
Post by Robert Wainblat - Google profile
Posted on April 8, 2013 and filed under "IN", "Purdue", "girls".