Heels - Jacob - Duke University

Jacob Tobia is a Duke junior studying Human Rights Advocacy and Leadership. An LGBTQ Point Scholar and as of this week a Truman Scholar (along with Patrick, who we've featured in the past), Jacob has been a fierce student leader and advocate for equality on campus and outside; check out Jacob running in heels over the Brooklyn bridge to help raise funds for the Ali Forney Center, after it was devastated by Hurricane Sandy!
Men in Heels. Contentious, even in the fashion capitals of the world (read more about it in Lucky Magazine), one can imagine how it is interpreted on a southern college campus like Duke. Yet it happens, and Jacob has been rocking everything from stilettos, pumps and leather boots on campus.

Photos by Chelsea Pieroni

Posted on April 11, 2013 and filed under "#campusmen", "Duke", "NC", "guys".