Floral Photographic Print - Jen - Princeton University

We're excited to have Charmaine Lee join as a Campus Sartorialist for Princeton University. She is originally from Sydney, Australia and currently a junior at Princeton studying sociology major. 

Charmaine's passion for photography started with plastic cameras, Lomography, and gradually moved to digital once she wanted to explore a wider variety of camera settings. As a photographer for several dance groups and fashion shows on campus she is constantly trying to embody the essence of beauty at it's most unprepared and raw moments. Check out more of her photos on her Tumblr, A Dalliance with the Eyes

Charmaine's first post features Princeton student Jen wearing a wonderful pair of floral photographic print and solid colors brought down to earth with a pair of white Keds.

Posted on September 10, 2012 and filed under "NJ", "Princeton", "girls", "ivy".