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Take Ivy - America Rediscovers Collegiate Prep

Corduroy slacks disgust me
Black leather jackets are vile
Long greasy hair and blue suede shoes
Transform my blood to bile.
If you want everyone to accept you
As a modern American male
You must dress the way the magazines say
They dress at Harvard and Yale

The Ivy League Look (excerpt) by Clark Gesner

Of all sartorial publications and materials, there has never been one as elusive and as rare as Japanese photographer, Teruyoshi Hayashida's Take Ivy. What has constituted the Ivy League Bible for the Japanese baby boomers, who were very much into the whole Ivy League Look, used to be a very rare find in the West, and copies of the original editions have garnered auction prices as high as $2000 in the past. Luckily for us, as America has rediscovered its love for Prep and Collegiate wear, PowerHouse Books managed to acquire the rights of the photos and has since republished the famous book in August of 2010, now with the mysterious accompanying text in English! It retails new for just $16.55, so check it out here: Take Ivy -

If you want a sneak peak at some of the fantastic vintage collegiate photos check out the Japanese version below, scanned by the magnanimous "The Trad", back in 2008. 
Notice: All rights to the Take Ivy photos belong to the original publisher, Hachette Fujingaho.

Take Ivy - A Journey into the Prep Campus Culture

Ivy League style permeates nearly every fiber of American fashion and is a staple of most colleegs in the US. A new exhibition at The Museum at FIT delves into the history of Prep culture and fashion, so if you're in New York City between now and January 5th, make sure to check it out!

For more photos check out the WWD coverage of the exhibit!

Video via Christian Chensvold @ The Ivy Style

If you're interested in Prep Culture and Ivy Style check out some of our favorite books on the subject!
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